Coffee at McCambridge's


Alessandro Gamba! The Italian Stallion with the coolest surname in McCambridge’s! So cool that I will be referring to him as Gamba from here on in. Gamba, hailing from Torino in Italy, (Where his brother played football for Juventus briefly!) works Upstairs in McCambridge’s specifically making the coffees for our lovely customers (He’s Italian, he knows his coffee). Before working in McCambridge’s, Gamba lived in Australia for a few years where among other things he had a stint as a stand-up comedian. He told me that one night back in Australia, he was telling a joke that didn’t go down well so the audience actually started to throw tomatoes at him… Ozzies, a very cruel bunch. On top of avoiding tomatoes being thrown at him, Gamba was also a dog walker, walking up to fifteen dogs at once! God what I would give to have been there with a slab of meat and a good throw. A penchant for the stage, Gamba was also part of a musical theatre group and was well known around the area for having quite the set of lungs. I asked Gamba to blast out a song during basketball (McCambridge’s has a basketball team, any challenges accepted) and a few people jumped a good bit higher than usual. Loud to say the least.

Gamba is newly married to his lovely wife Valentina (Who also has one of the coolest surnames in Galway now) and he is hoping to have “lotsa babies in the future”. Good man! Gamba studied linguistics back in Italy and can speak four different languages, Italian, English, French and Spanish. For me, as Bruce Willis once said “I can speak two languages, English and bad English” agus cúpla focal as Gaeilge.

I cornered Gamba on his break on the roof of McCambridge’s. – Gamba, I need to ask you a few questions. “OK, no problem man, ask away” – Right first things first, you’re a comedian, tell us a CLEAN joke, (Gamba didn’t hesitate, he launched straight into it – “OK, no problem, a horse walks into the bar and the barman says “Why the long face?”. ..Em, yea, OK. (Since asking this question Gamba has found out that this is a fairly tame and well known joke here though it isn’t in Italy, he made up for it though with a much better one but I definitely can’t repeat it. I’m sure if you ask him he’ll tell you.) Gamba’s got some great jokes, just not blog friendly…. So Gamba, you’re a bit of a petrol nut, what’s your favourite car? “Volkswagon Beetle, I’ve had two, convertible and non-convertible, I absolutely love them” suped up? “yea, but not by me, I let the professionals do it!” – Cool, and bikes? “Dirtbikes man, they’re amazing, great fun!” Right, you make coffees, so what is your favourite coffee and why? “Single shot Macchiatto because they are strong as an espresso but it has that smoothness and creaminess on top.” Hmmm, I should try that. “Oh Tommy, ask me my favourite sport!” (Gamba started getting into this casual interview craic.) Ok Gamba, what’s your favourite sport? “Hotdog eating contests!” Right, this interview is over.

Well that’s an insight into Alessandro Gamba, he is truly a gentleman and a funny guy (Except when he trips me up at basketball) who makes great coffee. So go Upstairs at McCambridges and ask for a coffee from our wide selection and a joke (or maybe even a song) and he will gladly deliver, just make sure you are not of a sensitive disposition… Till next time!