McCambridge’s is a little treasure trove of products and services, with a Food hall downstairs which stocks a range of Artisan foods with a large proportion of goods sourced locally, a wonderful little Coffee Bar tucked under our stairs, along with a fresh fruit and veg section. We have dedicated personnel on the team to help you, hand pick your boutique wines and the best Irish Whiskey, Scottish Malts, brandy, liqueur, rum, gin and vodka.

McCambridge’s Hampers are renowned across Ireland and overseas, offering an ever expanding selection with delivery available nationwide. We ensure the highest of standards with your very own personalised message on your hamper, and hampers can be delivered to anyone you wish within Ireland. No matter where you are in the world, you can email your order to: or order online:

We have a Sandwich Bar which offers both Hot Specials and Cold Specials on a choice of breads. Which range from Focaccia to Rustic Ciabatta. With sandwiches like Galway Girl, The Reuben, The Classic, Mojito and more! If you fancy eating in as you watch the world go by, you can grab a seat in our Restaurant upstairs which offers a delicious array of dishes from Slow Roasted Plum Tomato on Sourdough to a Full Irish, or the Steak Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries for lunch or dinner. And dessert? Well… we will just have to let you find out for yourself! There is an All Day Brunch on a Sunday which can only be classed as one of the best brunches in Galway.

McCambridge’s of Galway always tries to support local – and we carry that through to every single aspect of our business. So a lot of the food purchased in store, in the Deli, Sandwich Bar and Restaurant; are all from local suppliers!

However, we’re not really here to tell you about McCambridge’s as a shop and a place to eat. We’re here to tell you about our wonderful staff, our history and what makes McCambridge’s so special. We hope that even before you read this, or even before you get to the end that you will consider nominating us for the Irish Times Best Shops of 2016!

We have people from all walks of life working here in McCambridge’s. From our General Manager who has Australian blood running through his veins, to a Head Chef who is Scottish born and bred. These walls hold a wealth of knowledge which cannot be bought and cannot be looked over. We are going to introduce you to a few of our great members of staff, and there may be a good laugh thrown in there too.

This man has been the driving force behind McCambridge’s of Galway for the past 66 years. He is the Chief – the one and only: Pat McCambridge.

Pat McCambridge

We have Mike Robbie & Mike O’Grady. Our two culinary geniuses who are responsible for the delicious dishes which come out of the kitchen on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of Mike O’Grady but at least he knows we are thinking about him in this post! They are two of the happiest and calmest chefs you will ever meet, and it’s been said that their favourite thing about working for McCambridge’s is how much of a family we are. You can feel it the minute you arrive through the doors on your first day, you are now part of one big family.

McCambridge's Head Chef


Our cheese and charcuterie Pro is Liam O’Neill. Liam has worked in McCambridge’s for 8 years, and he has one of the best nicknames going in McCambridge’s. May we introduce you to: Cheesy Liam!


We have people in McCambridge’s who literally are the bones and the walls of the business. Without them the place would not be the same. Nicky & Sheila started as work experience students when they were in Secondary School, and let’s just say they never left!



Matt Cahill is our Off Licence Manager. Matt spent most of his holidays and after school hours sitting outside of McCambridge’s drinking coffee and buying the produce until eventually they just had to give him a job! Of course – they did not have to give him a job. However, Mattie’s product knowledge is something which makes the mind boggle. Ask this gentleman about any wine, whiskey or beverage on our shelves and he will spend half an hour or more telling you about one product!

Off-License Manager

Lassa Lhopitallier works downstairs in our Coffee Bar. Ever wonder why our Coffee Bar works so efficiently? This lady and our Coffee Bar staff are the reason why! Need a coffee quickly? Our Coffee Bar staff are the people to go to. She is also amazing at making hampers and loves Beeches Mint Creams!

McCambridge's Coffee Bar Galway

Our Restaurant Staff are simply wonderful. They are friendly and attentive to everyone who comes through our doors.

The staff are led by three of the best women in the Industry. Shauna, Pia & Sinéad! Here are some of our Restaurant Staff with Mike O’Grady our Sous Chef and Shauna Brady our Restaurant Manager.


And the person behind this blog – my name is Katherine Long. Hamper and Marketing Manager for McCambridge’s of Galway. I have been working with McCambridge’s for a short period of time, like Mike Robbie – I absolutely love being part of the McCambridge’s Family.

Katherine_McCambridges of Galway 2

Yes, we all have lives outside of McCambridge’s. Lives which are filled with traveling, music, college, fitness and so much more! However, we feel there is a special mention in here for all of those members of staff who go home in the evenings to their babies, toddlers, children and teenagers after giving it their everything during the day in work. Their love knows no bounds – their love for work, and their love for their families. We as much as our customers appreciate every little thing our staff members do.


McCambridge’s of Galway has 91 years of experience and counting. Your experience here with us is our passion, and we love when customers leave happy and want to return to us.

If our staff and our Shop has put a smile on your face, or if you feel that we deserve a nomination; we would love if you would take a minute to nominate us for The Irish Times Best Shops of 2016!