Cheese at McCambridge's


Welcome back McCambolites to the second blog entry!

This week I will be talking about all things cheesy, more specifically, about Liam O’Neill (Or Cheesy Liam as I call him), the man behind the cheese counter. Liam, only 24 (going on 50) has been working in McCambridge’s for the last 5 years. I’ve heard him been described as “The backbone of the deli section”. High praise indeed. Liam is a local lad from Galway city, living in the Claddagh. He studied Physics and Maths in NUIG but found it not to his liking, finding more the liveliness, dealings with customers and working with friends in McCambridge’s much more satisfactory than working in a lab.

I asked Liam what his favourite Cheese was, “You know Tom, I do a lot more than just cheese…” Oh yeah? “Yeah, I deal with all the fresh produce, Cheese is just a part of that.” (I should pay more attention.) OK, what else do you deal with? “I order in all the fresh foods, the veg and fruits, fish, meat, pates, yogurts.” I nodded, impressed, trying not to get caught doing my interview while stocking the mineral fridge… OK, and where do you get most of the produce from? “I try and get local when possible, most of our fresh goods are locally produced, I’m a firm believer in supporting the local companies”. Back to the original question then, what’s your favourite cheese? “I don’t have a favourite, cheese is like wine, it depends what mood I’m in and also what wine you’re drinking with it” Ah yes, you can’t beat a good combo of nice cheese and a glass of good wine (or six).

In McCambridge’s we have a very large and impressive selection of cheese from near and far and Liam’s knowledge is vast, any questions on cheese or any of our fresh produce, Liam has the answers and can recommend a cheese to suit you. So call in and have a taste, you won’t be disappointed.  What’s your favourite cheesy song? “Really? Em, I guess Come on Eileen“, Good choice.

On another note, we have two departures this week, Camille from the coffee corner is heading back to France after being with us for four and a half years, and Lisa who is heading to Inis Mor of the Aran Islands to be Head Chef! The best of luck to both of them on their new adventures, they’ll be missed!

That is all from me, See you next week!