McCambridge’s have always prided ourselves on having something for everyone, and that includes those of you who live the life of a Coeliac or even if you have decided to have a lifestyle change and go Gluten Free!

If you were ever wondering what kind of Gluten Free products we stock. Or whether you were wondering if our kitchen, deli, sandwich bar or coffee bar has something for you. We have good news for you – WE DO!

We stock a range of breads, baps, muffins and cookies from Goodness Grains. These lovely people are a local producer based here in Galway.


Goodness Grains is a young Irish Company set up in 2013 to bring quality Fresh Gluten Free Products to the Coeliac Consumer in Ireland and increasingly non-coeliacs choosing a Gluten Free Diet. Located in Longford, their bakery is one of very few purpose built gluten free bakeries in the country. This offers Coeliacs complete peace of mind in relation to issues of concern for them, i.e. traceability and cross contamination of GF products. In all, the bakery has over 40 years of gluten free baking expertise.

McCambridge’s collaborate quite closely with our consumers, staff and suppliers to ensure we have a range of goods which can be enjoyed by our consumers.

From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, we have a Gluten Free option for you!IMG_0492

Breakfast time can be a lovely bowl – a – granola which is lightly sweetened granola with honey and dried fruits, there are no refined sugars added. It is wheat and salt free too! Or Glebe Farm Oat Fruit Muesli, along with a toasted Goodness Grains Gluten Free bap.

Lunch is served at our recently updated Sandwich Bar which has loads of Gluten Free bap options available.

Dinner time could not be more tasty with our range of Gluten Free sauces from Passage Foods, pasta and more!

To top it all off we have dessert ideas which will have you melting at your kitchen table including: Nobó ice-cream, Blakes Chocolate, Áine Handmade Chocolate, Goodness Grains cookies, muffins and a range of the best lifestyle candy around – De Bron sweets.

Our Pastry Chef Ciara usually has one of her delicious cakes, brownies or biscuits. Which are available Upstairs on our dessert table, or at our Coffee Bar.

McCambridge’s love of food goes further than our love of just eating – it is a passion. A passion for ensuring our customers are happy, a passion for finding local suppliers and a passion for good food. When all of these come together, it culminates into something wonderful.

So pop by to say hello, and experience what McCambridge’s of Galway has to offer!