Aurélie Picaud at the Coffee Bar


Well McCambolites! Sorry about the big delay in updating the blog, I promise I won’t keep you hanging so long next time. I knew when Maggie (Assistant Manager) said to me “Where’s the blog Tom?!” with a big smile but with eyes that could kill that I’d better get on the case..

So today I’m talking about Aurélie Picaud! You will find her in the coffee bar of McCambridge’s having worked here for about a year. Hailing from France but born to a German mother and an Italian Father (She can speak all three languages as well as English) Aurélie could be described as a truly International woman. I interviewed her 3 times over the course of the day making most of my notes on a ripped out piece of newspaper (Ever the professional). She went to college and studied Art in the Basque region of France specifying in pottery. After doing so she set up the FIRST organic tea room in France! Finding this intriguing I asked her a bit more about it (while serving her at the till)

“I set up shop, a medieval tea shop with cakes and cool customers”

What was it called?

“Aprés la Cueillette ”

What does that mean?

“‘After picking’, it sounds a lot better in French…”

Lassa piped in (Who also works in the coffee bar) “Yeah, it’s dead cool in French”

I’ll take your word for it! Did you have any staff?

“Yep, my Mother and Sister”

No way! You were your mother and sisters boss?

“Oui” (French for “yes” in case you didn’t know…)

Did you enjoy bossing them around?


But you did boss them around…

“Oui, quite a few times!” She said with a smile.

Good stuff, I would have gone to town.

Aurélie ran the shop for a few years before she wanted a change and decided to head to Mali in Africa. Only intending to stay for a short time she ended up spending a year there. She fell in love with Mali and got some work. Her job? To dance at traditional weddings! Go to the Wedding, dance for a couple of hours, get paid and leave, or stay and party! That’s it! Pretty sweet job. “I loved it, Mali was amazing. I got to dance, have fun and got paid to do it as well. Trés bien”


After returning from Mali, Aurélie went on to study Herbology, something she is very passionate about. She knows many natural cures for many illnesses! (I’m sure we sell many of them in our organic range) “For a cold I would make a Thyme, sage, lemon and honey tea, if it was for a chesty cough” Ah yea, we sell all those things! (Shameless plug 1).

Aurélie loves to travel as she tells me – “I have a list of about 30 countries that I want to visit, I have seen about 14 of them”. Her favourites? “Cuba and Mali “So how did you come to stay in Ireland?”. I came for a visit and I loved Connemara, I like to go hiking and I also love traditional music and the people, Oh and of course the Craic!” Aurélie wasn’t planning to stay but a couple of days but just before leaving she met a fella and her fate was sealed! She was here to stay!

So Aurélie, you work in the coffee bar, what’s your favourite coffee then? “I don’t really like coffee, I like tea, so I drink a lot of the Campbells tea, that is my favourite.” Yes, that is a FINE tea. (Shameless plug 2). So that is the lovely Aurélie! A member of the (Partly) French coffee corner of McCambridge’s.  So call in for a coffee and a chat about her many adventures, you won’t be disappointed!

Till next time!